The Butchers

This is a little snippet of our team!


My favourite food is Cheese! Or something simple but delicious like warm pasta stirred into butter!
My favourite TV show is The Simpsons hands down! But maybe QI nowadays.
What is your favourite thing about CW Butchers? The great team that i work with. I also enjoy find butchery very therapeutic and artistic.
Mountains or the beach? Neither I love rainy England, or better still somewhere cold, Austria, Scandinavia or the very south of New Zealand.
My favourite cartoon character is Easily Homer Simpson then Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory, then Top Cat.
What question do you hate to answer? What are you thinking? Nothing! literally nothing!


The best thing I have ever eaten was the braised beef cheek that they served in Deryne restaurant Budapest Déryné bisztró.
My favourite tv show is The Walking Dead season 2-3 only, Game of thrones and Breaking bad.
My favourite thing about CW Butchers is that i have the ability and time to prepare cuts that are artisan and from across the world and also venture into curing meats.
My hero is Batman or Yoda or my mum.
Mountains or beach? Whichever one brings me closer to inner peace and happiness. Looking up at the milky way, a stones throw away atop a mountain or building a sand castle with family, trying to save it for the closing tide.
The question I hate to answer? All of the above, I know it’s just for fun but it either plays to vanity or social status.


My favourite food is steak and sweet potato fries.
My favourite tv show is The Walking Dead.
My favourite thing about cw butchers isworking with amazing people!
Favourite joke: ‘knock knock’ ‘who’s there?’ ‘Interrupting cow’ ‘interrupting…’ ‘MOOOOO’
Favourite hero: Batman.
If I could retire tomorrow I would play video games and explore the world.
If i could be a celebrity I would be Morgan freeman because of his sexy voice.


Favourite food: pasta and chicken
Show:South Park
Best bit: colleagues
Retire tomorrow: trip around America
Celebrity: Ronaldo
Question I hate: cooking methods