The Butchers Counter

Want to try a new cut of meat but aren’t sure what to go for? Our butchers are experts. They’ll gladly prepare prime cuts and advise you on the best ways to cook them.


We’re perfectly placed to help you set up a family barbecue with a range of sausages, burgers, chicken and pork portions. Buy as much or as little as you need. We can even marinate.


We have a great range of regionally sourced beef steak, aged for at least seven days to provide extra tenderness and succulence. We’ll slice it thick or thin as you prefer, or for an extra-special treat, why not roast a whole joint?

Slow-cooking cuts

Discover our selection of cuts perfect for slow cooking, such as oxtail, diced and sliced braising beef, lamb shoulder, beef silverside and brisket. Thrifty and delicious!

Homegrown British meat

We’ve worked closely with British farmers for over 140 years and believe the British countryside offers some of the best food in the world. That’s why all of the pork, beef, chicken and lamb you’ll find at our meat counters is certified British.

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